Hotel Universel Québec

Boston Pizza Restaurant

Boston Pizza Restaurant

Hotel Universel Quebec recommends you enjoy a delicious meal in the adjoining restaurant and sports bar, Boston Pizza. Boston Pizza has a diversified menu including pizzas, pastas, salads, flavourful appetizers and all sports bars classics: nachos, cheese sticks, onion rings, etc. Also, they have a gluten-free and children menu.

You are welcome day and night. Make sure not to miss the live broadcasting of important sports games because the place has a great vibe

* Breakfasts are temporarily suspended due to the current health situation. Only the terrasse is open, dining room will open May 31st, 2021.


Opening hours

Monday: 11:30am — 10pm
Tuesday: 11:30am — 10pm
Wednesday : 11:30am — 10pm
Thursday :11:30am — 10pm
Friday : 11:30am — 10pm
Saturday : 11:30am — 10pm
Sunday : 11:30am — 10pm