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In the holiday season, have fun at the Universel!

2 December 2019 / L'équipe de l'Hôtel Universel Québec

This year, don't worry during the holiday season! We decided to spend a few days with the family at the Hotel Universel Quebec.

We always come to Quebec City to visit family and friends, but each time we run out of time to see everyone and do the activities we want. When we saw the program of activities that the hotel offers to families, we decided to come and stay there to fully enjoy our holidays.

For our older children, an arcade will be installed from December 20 to January 5. There will also be a ping pong table, a pinball machine, football table and video games so that the kids can have fun for hours. Since wifi is free at the Hotel Universel, they can continue to use their devices anywhere in the hotel.

On December 25, there will be a gift hunt with the ice fairy! Pure pleasure for our youngest who will be amazed by the decor.

We can't wait to see the team of Educazoo, who will come to animate the atrium of the hotel with incredible exotic animals. They will be on site on December 26, 28 and 30 from 7 PM. Trust me, this is a fantastic opportunity for the whole family to tame these little beasts.

Since we have chosen to stay a few days at the hotel, we will obviously try to make the most of the indoor tropical garden, with its heated pool and Nordic spa, to relax in this magnificent setting. We hope to have the time to spend at least a few hours, it's so well laid out as a spa!

Children are invited to participate in a drawing competition, the winner will win a one-night package with lunch and admission to the aquarium for the whole family. It would be a great gift from Santa Claus! So we put our kids on it, because we would really like to win this prize!

This year, it is an exceptional gift that we are offering to celebrate with the family, but also so that everyone can have fun and do activities that they enjoy!

Thank you to the Hotel Universel Quebec for offering us such great activities for our children! Happy Holidays!

L'équipe de l'Hôtel Universel Québec

L'équipe de l'Hôtel Universel Québec

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