Hotel Universel Québec

Planning Tools

In order to facilitate the planning of your event, access our virtual planning tool to see our many rooms and possible settings. Simply enter the number of guests and the setting you want and your options will appear! Easy, right?

Our sales team is always available to accompany you in the planning process.

Number of persons

Desired configuration



Laval Room (A)

9'1320 PC100485060-

Laval Room (B)

9'1320 PC100485060-

Universel Room (A)

9'2145 PC130100150120-

Universel Room (B)

9'2470 PC180128150136-

Laval Room (A+B)

9'2640 PC20075120120-

Universel Room (A+B)

9'4550 PC350230300300-

Level 3


Orleans Room

8'986 PC70365064-

Level 4


Laurier Room

9'900 PC50304050-

Rouge et Or Room

9'986 PC70365064-